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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 ~ Why is my state tax exemption certificate not
acceptabled for out of state purchases?
A1~ AEP is required to collect state sales taxes for the
location where ownership transfer occurs unless the buyer
is tax exemption.  Proof of tax exemption must be
provided for the state where ownership transfers.   It
depends on the state whether an out of state exemption,
multi-state, state specific, or in state only exemption
is acceptable.

Q2 ~ Why can I not increase my maximum bid?
A2 ~ Your maximum bid amount can not be increased until
you are out bid.

Q3 ~ How do I find out what my UserID number is?
A3 ~ Log in to your account and the Account Information
has your UserID number listed above your First Name.

Q4 ~ I won the auction when can I pick up my purchase?
A4 ~ Pick up of items must be scheduled in advance with
the selling business and cannot be scheduled until
payment clears.

Q5 ~ Why will you not include shipping?
A5 ~ All items are sold "AS IS WHERE IS".  Depending on
the item and selling location, the site will secure to a
pallet and load with a fork truck on the buyer's prepaid
shipper.  It is not cost effective for AEP to take on
shipping and handling for infrequent sales.

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