1952 GE 25Ton Switcher Yard Locomotive (990047) (SOLD)

Item ID 1437
Category Railroad Equipment
Model Number GE 25 Ton
Serial Number 31564
Asset ID 13H-161
Manufacturer GE
Condition Code Used
Quantity 0
Division AEP - Appalachian
Equipment Location SPORN - NEW HAVEN , WV
Manufacturer P/N B-50/50 GE 733
Manufacture Year 1952
Condition Code Used
Short Equipment/Material Description 1952 GE 25Ton Switcher Yard Locomotive (990047)


AEPID 990047
1952 GE 25Ton Switcher Yard Locomotive (990047)
Manufacturer: GE
Model: GE 25 Ton
Class: B-50/50 GE 733
VIN: 31564
Year:  1952
Motor: Cummins Diesel HBI

Quantity:  1 lot

Location:  This item is located in New Haven, WV

Condition:  Used

Description:  Not started in over 15 yrs.

Known Concerns: See Description for concerns.  (Listed concerns are what have been observed by the business unit selling the item and have not been validated by a technician.  Areas not listed as known concerns or None do not imply any warranty as to life or condition and only imply that a concern was not noticed by the previous user.  This item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS in its existing condition.)

Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipment / Material:

~ All Items are sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No warranty given or implied.
~  Inspections are on the potential buyers time and expense and must be scheduled in advance.
~ Test operation of the item will not be permitted.
~ Buyer will be required to sign a Bill of Sale and pay any applicable taxes.
~ After payment clears,  the buyer can arrange for pick up.
~ AEP branding decals will be removed prior to the sale.

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