Misc. Piping Fitting & Mechanical Items (SOLD)

Item ID 1049
Category Pipe
Asset ID 11H-092
Condition Code Inventory Spare
Weight 12420.000 lbs
Quantity 12419
Division AEP - Ohio
Equipment Location MITCHELL - MOUNDSVILLE , WV
Condition Code Inventory Spare
Short Equipment/Material Description Misc. Piping Fitting & Mechanical Items


Misc.  Piping Fitting & Mechanical Items

Quantity:  1 lot (Actual weight will not be known until the materials are loaded and weighed.)

Description:  This is left over materials from a construction project.  The items are located on warehouse shelves.   The materials are generally new but there may be some used items included. These items are being sold on a unit price per pound basis.  The actual items and quantity available may vary as the project continues to clean up.  The Owner's site representative will serve as final judge of what is and is not included.

The buyer's transport vehicle will be weighed on the plants scales prior to picking up the items and again when the vehicle is loaded and leaving the site.  The difference between the loaded and empty weights will multiplied by the accepted unit price and the Buyer will be invoiced for the total value determined from the net scale weight for each load of material received. 

Payment:  Initial Payment Due = (Total Quantity Received) x  ($ 0.175 per pound)

Buyer agrees to an initial payment of $0.175 per pound (plus state and local sales taxes, if applicable) for net weight of material picked up.  The Buyer will take an inventory of the items picked up within thirty (30) days and provide the Seller a complete listing of the items picked up.  The Buyer will offer the items for sale and the payment received will be split evenly between the Buyer and the Seller.  The Buyer will pay the Seller its share of the money received on a quarterly basis until all items are sold.  The Buyer will be credited back its initial payment through the later sales payments due the Seller.

Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipment:

~ All material is sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No warranty is given or implied.
~ Buyer will be required to pay state sales taxes unless valid tax exemption is provided.
~ All items must be removed from the Owner's site within one work week of being notified to proceed with making arrangements for pick up.
~ After payment clears or other arrangements acceptable to Asset Recovery are made, the Buyer can make arrangements for pick up.
~ Owner will provide assistance with loading material on Buyer's appropriate transport vehicle. Appropriate transport vehicle shall be a flat bed truck or trailer, open top trailer or truck, and loading must be accessible with a fork lift or wheeled crane.  Loading assistance will not be provided for enclosed or transports with tops impeding access from overhead.  Owner is not responsible for any damage to material or equipment during loading.   Buyer is responsible for securing the load and the amount of material loaded on each transport vehicle.  Assistance for removing material because of an overload will result in a charge to the Buyer for the labor and equipment involved.

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