10X20 Portable Building w/ Contents (SOLD)

Auction ID 11825
Status Closed
Type Standard (PQT)
Started 8/26/2021 4:47 PM EST
Ended 9/9/2021 11:00 AM EST
Quantity 0
Minimum Bid Increment $10.00
Manufacturer None
Division AEP - SWEPCO
Equipment Location Dolet Hills Mine Office - Pelican , LA


Asset ID 21P-360
Condition Code Fair Used Condition

Working Condition:  Yes
Unit last used: 2+ Years Ago
Roof Condition: There doesn't appear to be any leaks in the roof.
Floor Condition: The floor seems to be solid

Lot Includes One (1) portable building and the items pictured inside the building.
The buyer will be required to take all of the items included in the lot. No manifest is available or will be provided itemizing the contents of the building. 

Known Concerns:   Building is weathered

Note: Listed concerns are what have been observed by the business unit selling the item and have not been validated by a technician.  Areas not listed as known concerns or None do not imply any warranty as to life or condition and only imply that a concern was not noticed by the previous user.

Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipment / Material
--All Items are sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No warranty is given or implied.
--Seller WILL NOT be required to assist with loading or to provide tools, rigging, equipment, or any other items necessary for the removal of the goods. 
--Buyer will be required to take all of the Goods included in the lot.
--Buyer shall have appropriate hauling equipment for the item(s) being picked up.
--Buyer is responsible for positioning and securing the item(s) on the transport vehicle.
--Buyer must provide everything necessary including but not limited to labor, tools, equipment, and transportation needed to remove, dismantle, load, and haul away the Goods. 
--Work performed by Buyer or Buyer’s subcontractor(s) must be in compliance with all MSHA and AEP safety requirements. All tools and equipment used on site must also meet MSHA and AEP safety requirements.
--Removal of Goods must be completed within fifteen (15) days of American Electric Power's receipt of payment or the Goods shall be considered abandoned property, title of which reverts to Seller, which shall have the right to resell.

Thank you for your interest in AEP’s auction items. Due to an increasing number of COVID cases, some restrictions are in place at AEP facilities. If entering an AEP facility a mask/face covering is required. Pickup may be delayed at AEP’s discretion.

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