1983 Drexel SL33HPG Swingmast Side Loading Electric Forklift (950194) (SOLD)

Auction ID 10061
Status Closed
Type Standard (PQT)
Started 3/12/2020 12:22 PM EST
Ended 3/26/2020 1:00 PM EST
Quantity 1
Minimum Bid Increment $10.00
Manufacturer Drexel
Division AEP - Indiana & Michigan
Equipment Location ROCKPORT - ROCKPORT , IN


Model Number SL33HPG
Serial Number 15018-9-128
Asset ID 20P-122
Manufacturer Drexel
Manufacture Year 1983
Condition Code Good Used Condition

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in AEP’s auction items.
Our facilities are currently not open to visitors to help protect the health of our employees during the coronavirus outbreak. 
Inspections of auction items are not available at this time, since AEP facilities are currently not open to visitors. 
Please note that if you are the winning bidder of an auction, pickup may be delayed. 
We will work with you to arrange a time when you can pick your item(s) up once these restrictions are no longer in place. 

1983 Drexel SL33HPG Swingmast Side Loading Electric Forklift (950194)

Serial Number:  15018-9-128
Manufacturer:  Drexel
Model:  SL33HPG
Model Year:  1983
Capacity:  3000 lbs.
Machine Hour Reading:  N/A - No Hour Meter
Side Shifters Included:  Yes
Load Sensor Included:  No
Fork Positioners:  No
No. of Mast Sections:  3
Fork Height:  180" (Ground to top of forks.)
Load Center: 24"
Motor Size:  36 Volt
Fuel Type:  Electric
Tire Type:  Pnuematic
Terrain:  Paved
Charger Included:  Yes
Charger Voltage:  3 Phase 208/240/480 Volt

Quantity: 1 Lot  

Location:  This item is located in Rockport, IN

Condition: Good
Last Used: Still in Use
Working Condition: Yes
Lighting Working: Yes
Hydraulics Working: Yes

Description: No Known Concerns

Known Concerns: See Description for concerns.  (Listed concerns are what have been observed by the business unit selling the vehicle and have not been validated by an auto mechanic.  Areas not listed as known concerns or None do not imply any warranty as to life or condition and only imply that a concern was not noticed by the previous user.  Vehicle is being sold AS IS WHERE IS in its existing condition.) 

Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipment / Material:

~ All Items are sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No warranty given or implied.
~ Inspections are on the potential buyers time and expense and must be scheduled in advance.
~ Test operation of the item will not be permitted.
~ Buyer will be required to sign a Bill of Sale and pay any applicable taxes.
~ After payment clears,  the buyer can arrange for pick up.
~ Buyer must present a copy of the pickup release at the time of pickup.
~ Buyer shall have appropriate hauling equipment for the item(s) being picked up.
~ Buyer is responsible for positioning  and securing the item(s) on the transport vehicle.
~ If applicable AEP branding decals will be removed prior to the sale.

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