Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
Item No. MA1610EP Alum. .016 x 38 inch x 100 ft. S.E. w/Polysurlyn MB 11H-184 4/25/2011
1570 Swing Pinions Qty 2 (CID 600257196) 20P-100 2/20/2020
Abrasive Blast Machine 09T-040 Clemco 9/29/2009
B&W Pulverizer Parts 19P-061 1/21/2019
Basler Electric DECS-300 modules 13K-105 Basler Electric 8/27/2013
Black Poly Pipe 10K-110 2/3/2011
Boiler Tube 12K-101 Benteler 7/19/2012
Box of Miscellaneous Couplings 12K-086 5/16/2012
Bucket for Front-end Loader 10K-113 Volvo 2/3/2011
Calibration Test System 11K-019 MSA 2/15/2011
Camera Flash Units and Lens Filters 10H-031 4/14/2010
Camera: Minolta SLR Camera SRT201 10H-024 Minolta 4/14/2010
Camera: Sony MVC-FD71 Mavica Digital Still 10H-155 Sony 9/27/2010
Camera: Sony MVC-FD83 0.8MP Mavica Digital w/ 6x Zoom 10H-159 Sony 9/27/2010
Centac Air Compressor 09N-003 Centac 12/9/2009
Centrifugal Oil Purifier with GE Motor 10T-019 DeLaval Separator Company 4/14/2010
Construction Elevator 09K-054 Alimak 7/8/2010
Convault tank 11K-076 Convault 7/13/2011
Dayton Generator 10K-131 12/21/2010
Door Mats 09K-094 9/24/2009
Eighty-nine (89) 30-ft. Assembled Wooden Arms 11K-027 2/16/2011
Electric Oven 12K-223 Blue M Electric Company 10/25/2012
Electric Water Heater 11K-154 Reliance 12/6/2011
Executive Furniture 09T-024A 4/23/2010
Fiberglass Epoxy Resin NPEL-127H 10H-096 Nan Ya Plastics Corp 7/13/2010
Floor Sweeper 10K-066 Tennant 10/18/2010
Food Warmer Cabinet and Storage Cart 09T-018 7/29/2009
Four (4) Nitrogen tanks in rack 13K-088 6/12/2013
Gang Box - First Aid 12K-208 12/11/2012
Gehl Attachment/Puller 10K-085 Gehl 2/3/2011
Grind-Air-Rester grinder 12K-214 The Standard Electrical Tool Co. 10/15/2012
Hextron 922 Resin 10H-095 Ashland 7/13/2010
Hobart Buffalo Chopper 09T-013 Hobart 7/24/2009
Hot Plate, Beaker, Drawer Rail Sliders and Halogen Desk Lamp 14P-111 8/21/2014
HP Inkjet Print Cartridges - 98 12K-224 10/24/2012
Hydraulic Cooler 10K-082 Hydac 2/3/2011
Ice Cream Maker/Yogurt Machine 09T-014 The Taylor Company 7/30/2009
Item 030618-001 TEST030618-001 3/6/2018
Item 110711_1 TEST110711_1 11/7/2011
Item T022610001 T022610001 2/26/2010
Knaack Mobile Storagemaster Chest 12K-128 Knaack 6/11/2012
Lathe 09T-065 American Tool Works Company 11/4/2009
Lead Alloy Weights 09H-031 2/23/2009
Lead Alloy Weights 6"x6"x48" 09H-088 4/3/2009
Light Plant Shell 20P-130 3/9/2020
LIQUID CALCIUM CHLORIDE 32% 09H-182a Univar 10/27/2009
Minolta 609Z Aperture Card Reader Printer 09T-012 6/11/2009
Misc Cata TEST12012010-1 Test Manu 12/1/2010
Misc Cata TEST12012010-2 Test Manu 12/1/2010
Miscellaneous Security Equipment 11K-113 10/12/2011
Mobile Irrigation System 10K-089 Rain Bird 1/14/2011
Office Furniture 09T-021 7/29/2009
One (1) Pentax Camera and One (1) Sony Camera 13P-043 10/2/2013
One (1) Wagon Frame 12K-080 4/25/2012
Plastic Storage Bins 11K-080 Acro-Mills 7/28/2011
Portable Automated External Defibrillators (Demonstartion Units) 13H-077 Phillips Heartstarts and Hewlet Packard Heartstreams 4/22/2013
Radio: Midland Solid State Transceiver Model 13-700 (Qty 2) 10H-029 Midland 4/15/2010
Ram-Box mobile storage chest 12K-136 6/11/2012
Ram-Box mobile storage chest 12K-129 6/12/2012
Recreational Property / Land for sale throughout Southeast Ohio 18H-249 4/18/2018
Sample Item 1 TESTABC1 MANU123 3/14/2014
Sample Item 52918-01 TEST52918-01 5/29/2018
Spider Hoists 12K-122 Spider Staging 6/12/2012
Stanchions 09T-015 6/12/2009
Tank #1(left tank) 1-12,400 Gallon Capacity SA 36 Carbon Steel Tank 09N-036 5/13/2009
Tank #2 (right tank) 1 - 12,400 Gallon Capacity SA 36 Carbon Steel 09N-037 4/27/2009
Test 101 TEST81910 8/19/2010
Tractor Blade 10K-111 2/3/2011
Twenty-seven (27) LiftAll Endless slings 13K-036 LiftAll 3/6/2013
Used Sears Washer & Dryer Combination 10N-027 Sears 4/21/2010
Various pieces video production equipment 12K-150 7/10/2012
Various Type Welding Rods and Wire 12K-102 5/17/2012
West Bend Coffee Urn 10K-122 West Bend 11/30/2010
Whirlpool Fridge and Sharp Microwave 19D-025 See description 9/23/2019
Wood Desk with Drawers (Unit 2) 20D-221 Unknown 9/25/2020
York Condenser Unit 12H-134 York 5/18/2012
Zircon Liquid Heat (11 Drums) 16P-039 Zircon Industries 4/28/2016

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