Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
Grinder 13H-101M 3/26/2013
AC Dielectric Breakdown Tester w/ Shielding Enclosure 11H-373 Beckman Instruments 9/27/2011
ALBER CORP - DC LOAD BANK 2N & BCT-2000/128 14H-234 8/28/2014
AO Spencer Microscope 13H-101F American Optical 3/25/2013
Assorted Power Supplies 12B-010 Deltron Power one 1/10/2013
Auto Ash Fusion Video Monitor System 13H-101C Preiser Scientific 3/1/2013
Coal Grindability / Hardness Tester 13H-101J 3/26/2013
Coal Grindability Tester 13H-101L 3/26/2013
Concrete Test Equipment: Concrete Compression Testing Machine 11H-128 Test Mark 5/3/2011
Concrete Test Equipment: Grout Cube Molds 11H-124 3/31/2011
Concrete Test Equipment: Slump Cone Aluminum Base 11H-125 3/31/2011
Concrete Test Equipment: Volumetair (lot 2) 11H-122 3/31/2011
Grinder 13H-101P 3/26/2013
Holmes Coal Pulverizer 13H-101Q Holmes Bros, Inc 3/26/2013
Holmes Coal Pulverizer 500DG 13H-101N Holmes Bros, Inc 3/26/2013
LECO CHN 2000 Analyser 13H-101A LECO Corporation 3/1/2013
Misc Surplus Lab Equipment 20P-056 2/3/2020
NILFISK GS 90 HEPA-Filtered Vacuum 12H-367 NILFISK 9/12/2012
Oil Diagnostic System Tanaka MPC-102L 13H-101K Tanaka Scientific Limited 3/26/2013
Olympus CH-2 Microscope 13H-101G Olympus 3/25/2013
One (1) American Dish Service commercial dishwasher 15K-068 5/20/2015
PE Simultaneous Multielement Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (SIMMAA 6000) 12H-370 Perkin Elmer 9/12/2012
Portable Filter-Type Smoke Collector 11H-372 Aercology 9/27/2011
Refrigerator / Freezer 08C-215 Whirlpool 12/16/2008
Tekran Mercury Analysis System Model 2600 13H-101I Tekran 3/26/2013
Tekran Mercury Analysis System Model 2600 13H-101H Tekran 3/25/2013
Tektronix TPS 2024 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 10H-071 Tektronix 5/27/2010
Vacuum Pump: CIT Alcatel 2008 A 1/2 Hp 10H-109 Alcatel 8/19/2010
Vacuum Pump: Edwards 18 Two Stage 3/4 Hp 10H-108 Edwards 8/19/2010
Varian GTA 100 Graphite Tube Atomizer 12H-364 Varian 9/12/2012
Varian SpectrAA 600 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 12H-369 Varian 9/12/2012

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