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Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
(98) Lehigh Pneumatic Air Cylinders 09N-028 Lehigh Fluid Power Inc. 2/17/2010
B&W MPS-89 Pulverizer Roll Wheel Assembly (Qty 3) 18H-298 Babcock & Wilcox Company 6/12/2018
Bearing ring assembly 425 mm UTGS640002R0001 with the oil seals and hardware 15H-206 Alstom Power Inc. 5/13/2015
Cummins Onan 800kW GenSet 800DFHB w/ Fuel Tank & Transfer Switch 17H-172 Cummins 4/12/2017
Drum, hoist with shaft 11K-022 Heylpat Technologies Inc. 2/17/2011
Eliott Co. Air Compressor 09N-004 Eliott Company - Jeannette, PA 2/10/2009
Elliott Centrifugal Air Compressor w/ Air Receiver Tank 11H-465 Elliott 12/21/2011
Ethylene Glycol Qty 2 Totes 18P-502 11/20/2018
GE Combined Reheat Valve (P/N 213B7517P0002) 15H-111 GE 4/23/2015
GE Win NT Rack Mount HMIs 13H-360 7/23/2013
Geareducers 10K-065 12/16/2010
Generator EMD Diesel 2MW 09H-102a General Motors Power 6/18/2009
Generator: Onan 7.5kW Generator w/ Transfer Switch 10H-249 Onan 12/22/2010
HP Valve Parts 12H-305 7/6/2012
Pinion Gear 12H-213 5/22/2012
Pulverizer Parts 11K-049 5/5/2011
Sheave Pin Assemblies 12H-440 10/22/2012
Turbine Bellow Relays R304088R1 11H-011A Alstom 1/11/2011
Turbine Bellow Relays R304089R1 11H-011 Alstom 1/11/2011
Turbine Blades 09T-026A 4/13/2010
Turbine Blades 09T-026 7/6/2009
Yokes for pulverizer 09K-096 Babcock & Wilcox 11/10/2009
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