Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
Ammonia tank 10K-056 7/15/2010
Creme Conex Shipping Container 20 ft. 17H-076 1/27/2017
Fiberglass Poles 11K-084 Shakespeare 8/1/2011
Floating Dock 113 ft X 38 inches 14H-157 10/24/2014
Savaria Concord Wheel Chair Elevator Two Level V-1504 15H-240 Savaria Concord 6/10/2015
Slipon Flanges 10K-072 8/16/2010
Steel Beam 48 Feet Long 12H-044 2/14/2012
Sulfuric Acid tank 10K-057 7/15/2010
temporary emergency transmission structure 15K-022 Lyndsay Manufacturing 2/10/2015

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