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Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
Heat Shrinkable Tubing for Bus Bar 5 -35 kv (BBI-10A) 12H-060 3M 3/6/2012
20 KW Kohler Diesel Generator 20P-277B Kohler 7/23/2020
55 KW Propane Generator 09N-068 White 9/13/2009
80 KW Kohler Diesel Generator 20P-283B Kohler 7/23/2020
ADWEL Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detector with Attachments and Plotter 14P-114 ADWEL 8/21/2014
Appleton Electric Company Outlet Boxes & Ball Fixture Hangers 10H-231 Appleton Electric Company 12/3/2010
Blink Level 2 Pedestal Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Station 14H-280B Blink 8/27/2014
BMI Take Up Module 14P-115 BMI 8/21/2014
Bushing; 25KV 6000 AMP Type O Plus C 09H-016 ABB Inc. 1/21/2010
Cummins Onan 5.5 KW Gasoline Commercial QG Generator 5.5HGJAE-6757K 17H-509 Cummins Onan 1/26/2018
Double CH-16NF Drill Press 18P-373 Double 8/31/2018
EI Peak Circuit Interrupter PI-0249T3M (Qty 14) Lot B 17H-070 Electro Industries 2/16/2017
EI Peak Circuit Interrupter PI-0249T3M (Qty 14) Lot C 17H-071 Electro Industries 2/16/2017
EI Peak Circuit Interrupter PI-0249T3M (Qty 14) Lot D 17H-072 Electro Industries 2/16/2017
EI Peak Circuit Interrupter PI-0249T3M (Qty 15) Lot A 17H-069 Electro Industries 2/16/2017
EI Peak Circuit Interrupter PI-0289T4M (Qty 4) 17H-068 Electro Industries 2/16/2017
Fast Transfer Switchgear 09K-092 Joslyn Hi-Voltage Corporation 9/16/2009
Four (4) ECOM-A PLUS Portable Gas Analyzers 14P-117 ECOM 8/21/2014
Fuse: A. B. Chance Current Limiting 09H-103 A. B. Chance 1/21/2010
Fuse: A. B. Chance Explusion Fuse SLE-36 09H-104 A. B. Chance 1/21/2010
GE AC Reactor Model No. 9T22C0634 11H-234 GE 6/9/2011
GE Heavy Duty Safety Switches THN3362J 14H-132 GE 5/13/2014
GE MK V Control Circuit Board TCQA 16H-106 General Electric 2/22/2016
GENERATOR TERMINIATION KIT 09H-035 Unibus Inc 1/21/2010
Heater Overload Elements 15K-035 Cutler-Hammer 4/6/2015
Insulated Protective Equipment 09K-086 Salisbury 8/21/2009
IntelliPeak Digital Cycling Units (DCU) 13H-134B Comverge Technologies 2/17/2014
JETA Power System 14P-120 JETA 8/21/2014
Misc Appleton & Crouse Hinds Conduit Fittings 18P-423 2/6/2019
Multi-Amp Corp. CB-7725 Breaker Tester 16H-145 Multi-Amp Corp. 6/17/2016
Multimeter with Case and Accessories 14P-105 Fluke 8/21/2014
Probeye Thermal Data Viewer 14P-122 8/21/2014
Regulator Test Set with Transformer 14P-107 Westinghouse 8/21/2014
Regulator Test Set with Transformer 14P-108 Westinghouse 8/21/2014
Set of 3 Trench Electric Instrument Transformers 20D-363 10/19/2020
Sioux Valve Face Grinding Machine with Cabinet 18P-292 Sioux Tools Inc 12/11/2018
Southern States EVG-2 Aluminum Disconnect 0500072017 18H-447 Southern States 11/27/2018
Spider Power Boxes (Lot 25) 13H-264D 6/18/2013
Standby Generator Set 08C-217 Cummins Onan 12/22/2008
Standby Generator Set 08C-218 Generac 12/23/2008
Step-down Transformers 11K-131 Square D 11/8/2011
Three (3) Digital Exitation Controlers with 1 CT each 14P-102 8/21/2014
Tool Diagnostic 120 pin Breakout Box 10T-022 International 4/23/2010
Twenty-two (22) various polemount transformers 17K-221 6/23/2020
Waveteck Nicolet Scientific Corporation 24D 14P-123 8/21/2014
Wire Welder 09T-037 NAPA (Lincoln) 8/24/2009

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