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Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
750MCM Copper Wire 15KV Network Primary Insulated Cable 09N-061 Kerite 9/3/2009
ACSR Cumberland/TW 1926.9 MCM 270,000 ft 18H-025 2/14/2018
Cable 350MCM 15kV Triplexed (Copper) 11H-039C 2/7/2011
Cable 350MCM 5kV Triplexed (Copper) 11H-039B 2/7/2011
Communication Cable 18 AWG 12 STR (Reel 61) 11H-076 5/13/2011
Dekoron INSTRUMENT TUBING BUNDLE Copper (Reel 59) 11H-046 2/9/2011
Fiber Optic Cable 09H-068 Corning 5/18/2010
Grounding Cables 2 Awg (Qty 18) 15H-246 6/15/2015
One (1) Lot of 2000 MCM cable 13K-215 12/12/2013
Shielded Circuit Cable (24 Pair) (Reel 60) 11H-047 5/13/2011
Six (6) reels Anixter cable 13K-043 Anixter 4/4/2013
Sixteen (16) Reels Cable 11K-105 11/15/2011
Three (3) reels Belden cable 13K-042 Belden 4/4/2013
Wire 11K-150 Belden 5/30/2012
WIRE 750 MCM 3-1/C PARALLEL (17,464 feet) 10H-244 Southwire 1/18/2011
Wire on spools 09H-116 6/16/2009
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