Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
Eleven (11) Hancock globe loose backseat valves 14K-007 1/13/2014
Fisher Control Valve (Lot 34) 13H-273 Fisher 5/24/2013
Micro Motion Mass Flow Sensor (lot 19) 13H-258 Micro Motion, Inc. 5/24/2013
Misc. Stainless Steel Valve Parts 14H-034 2/18/2014
Newcon Gate Valves Pneumatic Operated for Severe Environment 14H-285 NewCon Company 8/19/2014
Orbinox 10 Inch Gate Valves Hand Wheel for Stainless Steel 14H-286 Orbinox 8/19/2014
Poly Piping, Fittings & Valves 09N-046 Chemtrol Thermoplastics 8/13/2009
Pressure Relief Valves 12K-212 Anderson Greenwood Crosby 12/17/2012
Surplus Condensate Polisher Equipment 14H-638 2/10/2015
Valve Bonnet 20 inch ASTM A217 GR WC9 EHD (CATID 0500019365) 15H-558 11/9/2015
Voith Turbo Fluid Coupling 422TV-XP 11H-367A Voith 9/14/2011

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