Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
ABB Transformer 7500 KVA (13800 - 4160/2402)Volts 11H-070 ABB 1/19/2011
ABB Transformer 7500 KVA (13800 - 4160/2402)Volts 11H-069 ABB 1/19/2011
Excitation transformer 12K-042 Fortune Electric 2/13/2009
Molded Slip-Over Bushing Current Transformer 11K-064 Instrument Transformer Equip. Corp. 6/7/2011
Thirty (30) VWE oil circuit reclosers with 120V closing coils 12K-274 Cooper 12/19/2012
Transformers 09K-100 Howard Industries 11/16/2009
Transformers 10K-024 Square D 2/3/2011
Transformers 10K-036 2/3/2011
Transformers 10K-037 2/3/2011
Transformers 10K-038 2/3/2011
Transformers 10K-039 2/3/2011
Transformers 10K-040 2/3/2011

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