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Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
Copper Blank 12K-059 3/26/2012
Garage Frame Structure 19P-641 10/7/2019
Metal Rings (Qty 2) 10H-017 2/23/2010
Pikeville Scrap Metal 14H-238 7/29/2014
Puliverizer Wheels and Grinding Segments 18H-322 6/25/2018
Pulverizer VAM20 Parts 19H-242 7/2/2019
Stator Coils 12K-003 8/20/2014
Steel Road Plates 10ft x 8.17ft (1 inch thick) 14H-084A 3/27/2014
Steel Road Plates 14.17ft X 8.17ft (1 inch thick) 14H-084 3/27/2014
Two (2) self dumping hoppers; Lot B 16K-043 3/17/2016
Two (2) self dumping hoppers; Lot C 16K-044 3/17/2016
Two (2) self dumping hoppers; Lot D 16K-045 3/17/2016
Two (2) self dumping hoppers; Lot E 16K-046 3/17/2016
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