Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
ABEL Double Action Reciprocating Pump 11H-421 Abel 10/18/2011
Absorber Recycle Pump Bearing Assembly Pedestal Base 14H-419 9/29/2014
Atlas Copco Compressor 10K-090 Atlas Copco 11/11/2010
CANARIIS Packaged Pumping System 10H-098 CANARIIS Corps. 7/29/2010
Durco 75 HP 3-Phase Portable Water Pump 09N-047 Durco 9/14/2009
FLYGT Submersible Centrifugal Pump 900 GPM 16H-146 Flygt 5/17/2016
Gasboy 2-Pump Flammable Liquid Dispenser 11H-189 Gasboy 5/13/2011
Gasoline Pump 14P-127 Gorman-Rupp Co. 9/19/2014
GIW Slurry Pumps 8X10LSA32 (Qty 2) 10H-087 Georgia Iron Works 9/21/2010
Hydraulic Cylinder (A) 11H-339 9/28/2011
Hydraulic Cylinder (B) 11H-340 9/28/2011
Hydraulic Cylinder (C) 11H-382 9/28/2011
Ingersoll-Rand Centrifugal Pump 12K-025 2/28/2012
Northen Pump rotary pump and motor 12K-030 2/28/2012
One (1) Taco closed coupled in-line pump 13K-230 1/13/2014
Pond Slurry Pump Station (Pump, Motor, Controls, and Discharge Piping) 14H-162 Eliminator (Pump); WEG (Motor) 10/24/2014
Pump 12K-074 4/20/2012
Pump 11K-152 DEMING / CRANE 12/2/2011
Pump & Motor Skid Mounted 1200 gpm 10H-166 ITT Bell & Gossett 9/28/2010
Sullair Air Compressor 10K-091 Sullair 11/11/2010
Tronair Hydraulic Mule 25HP Model 5410EBOC 17H-301 Tronair 5/19/2017
Two similar IMO pumps 12K-027 2/28/2012

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