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Catalog - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
09N-027 (2) 54" Inflatable Multi-Flex Pipe Plug 09N-027 Peterson 4/8/2009
24 Inch Diameter Steel Pipe 40 Feet Long 12H-043 2/14/2012
Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks 09K-078 Wattco 8/5/2009
Basket Strainer 09H-011 SSI Equipment Inc. 11/3/2009
Ceramic Line Pipe And Fittings Lot 2 18P-649 12/14/2018
FRP Pipe 12H-316 Future Pipe 7/24/2012
Misc. Piping Fitting & Mechanical Items 11H-092 4/1/2011
PIPE: REDUCING ELBOW 14 x 12 (Qty 2) 09H-265 11/3/2009
Pipe: Carbon Steel Pipe 09T-067 11/4/2009
Pressurized Expansion Tank 158 Gals 10H-176 ITT Bell & Gossett 9/28/2010
PVR Booster Pump & Tubing 14H-221 8/28/2014
Stainless Steel Tanks Qty 14 14H-349A Kennedy 10/10/2014
Tramout Fuel Storage Tank - Double wall (1000 gal) 13H-168 Tramont 6/17/2013
Used Pipes 10T-026 6/11/2010
Well Pump Screen 15H-380 8/14/2015
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