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Auction - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
208/120v Panel Board (Breaker included) Wall Mounted 14H-176 Eaton Cutler-Hammer 6/10/2014
Assorted Relays, Breakers, 5 HP Motor, Switches 18H-003 12/14/2017
Breakers Misc Qty 9 16H-081 2/29/2016
Breakers (Qty 12) 17P-008 1/25/2017
Circuit Breaker 09H-007 GE 1/15/2009
Circuit Breakers Misc Lot 18P-446 11/28/2018
Field Discharge Circuit Breakers 11K-070 Brown Boveri Electric/ ITE 6/20/2011
Four (4) Westinghouse air circuit breakers 13K-075 Westinghouse Electric 4/23/2013
GE 4160 V Power Vac Breakers (VB1 4.16-250-3) Qty 9 17H-434 GE 7/27/2017
GE AKR-5A-30 Power Circuit Breakers (Qty 9) 17H-447 General Electric 7/17/2017
ITE HK 4160 1200 Amp Air Breakers (10) 19D-028 ITE 9/26/2019
ITE HK 4160 1200 Amp Air Breakers (10) 19D-028 ITE 8/29/2019
ITE HK 4160 1200 Amp Air Breakers (10) 19D-028 ITE 9/12/2019
Misc. Eaton / Cutler Hammer Eletrical Parts - Circuit Breakers, Bolt On Breakers, Digitrips, Starters, Motor Circuit Protectors, and Industrial Control Transformers 18P-427 11/7/2018
One (1) Cryoquip SF-6 gas recycling cart (AEP ID 910922) 16K-015 1/22/2016
Square D 480v Panel Board (Breaker included) Wall Mounted 14H-175 Square D 6/10/2014
Square D Power Sub 2000 AMP Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker FVR1201125A (Qty 4) 17H-642 Square D Company 12/5/2017
Two (2) ABB SF6 gas circuit breakers 15K-197 ABB 10/26/2015
Two 1978 ABB Air Operated Breakers 13.8kv 20D-019 ABB 1/7/2020
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