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Auction - Items Sold
Equipment/Material Name Asset ID Manufacturer Created Date
Cabinet Shelving 14P-029 3/13/2014
Free Standing Storage Racks (Orange) 15H-413 8/26/2015
Free Standing Storage Racks (Yellow) 15H-430 8/26/2015
Heavy Duty Warehouse Storage Racks 14H-636 12/2/2014
Material Rack 16H-041 1/21/2016
Metal Shelving and Storage 14P-098 6/24/2014
Metal Storage Lockers AR#14- Qty 2 19P-299 4/2/2019
Nut and Bolt Bins 13P-140 Fastenal 10/30/2013
One (1) lot of 73 Plastic Storage Bins 14P-023 Akro-Mils 2/20/2014
One (1) lot of 82 Plastic Storage Bins 14P-024 Akro-Mils 2/20/2014
One (1) lot of 90 Plastic Storage Bins 14P-022 Akro-Mils 2/20/2014
Seven (7) lots of Plastic Storage Bins: 100 bins per lot 14P-021 Akro-Mils 2/20/2014
Steel Workbench / Shipping Receiving Table with Shelf 18P-588 11/26/2018
Storage Boxes, Hose Covers, Cable, Lentz Filter Base Pallet C Hose Covers Pallet C 16H-042 2/3/2016
Storage Boxes;Storage Boxes, Hose Covers, Cable, Lentz Filter Base Pallet C Hose Covers Pallet C 16H-042 1/21/2016
Storage Cabinet (Ph4) 15H-286 6/19/2015
Storage Cabinet (Ph5) 15H-287 6/19/2015
Storage Cabinet (Ph6) 15H-290 6/19/2015
Storage Rack Beams & Cross Bars 17H-223 4/11/2017
Storage Racks 09K-002 1/8/2009
Winsted Sliding Shelf CD/DVD Storage System 18H-198 Winsted 3/27/2018
Wire Shelving with Frames (Qty Approx 20) 18H-297 6/25/2018
Wooden Cabinets and Shelving 14P-097 6/24/2014
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