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Item: GNB Absolyte IIP Sealed Batteries 48V Battery Banks (2 sets)
Auction ID: 486
Status: Closed
Started: 1/8/2010 10:26 AM EST
Minimum Bid Increment: $1.00
Require Registration? Yes
Type: Standard (PQT)
UOM: Lot
Ended: 1/14/2010 1:00 PM EST
Manufacturer: Exide Technologies - GNB
Division: AEP
Equipment Location: AEP SERVICE CORP - COLUMBUS , OH


More Auction Product Images:


GNB Absolyte IIP Industrial Sealed Batteries
48V Battery Banks  (2 sets)

Manufacturer:  Exide Technologies - GNB
Approx. Service Years:  11 years

Item: Bank 1
Module Type:  90A-27
Capacity Nominal Amp Hours: 1140 Ahr
Voltage/ Bank:  6 V
No. Banks: 8 banks of 3 cells each
8 hours to 1.75VPC
Location:  700 Morrison , Gahanna, OH

Item: Bank 2
Module Type:  90A-15 
Capacity Nominal Amp Hours: 615 Ahr
Voltage/ Bank:  12 V
No. Banks: 4 banks of 6 cells each
8 hours to 1.75 VPC
Location: 850 Tech Center Dr., Gahanna, OH

Condition:  Used (Both sets of these batteries have some marginal cells)

Description:   GNB Absolyte IIP industrial sealed batteries are large-capacity, valve-regulated, deep-cycle batteries. Designed for large-scale industrial applications that require low maintenance and long life. Sealed, valve regulated battery includes racking, mounting hardware and covers.

Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipment:

~ This item is being sold as a single lot of 2 battery banks.
~ All material is sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No waranty given or implied.
~ This item is being sold for reuse only.
~ Inspections must be scheduled in advance.
~ Buyer will be required to pay state sales taxes unless valid tax exemption is provided.
~ After payment clears, Buyer can be arranged for pick up.
~ Item 1 & 2 must be picked up and removed from the site on 02/05/2010.
~ Buyer will be responsible for loading and transporting from plant location. The 700 Morrison batteries can be loaded onto a truck by an accessible loading dock. The 850 Tech Center Dr. office does NOT have a loading dock.

Product Attachment Documents:
Attachment 1
Model Number: 90A-27, 90A-15
Asset ID: 10H-007
Manufacturer: Exide Technologies - GNB
UOM: Lot
Condition Code: Used
Weight: 0.000 lb

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